Exceptional Children

Wayne Preparatory Academy provides full EC services to scholars with disabilities. We remain committed to ensure that our Exceptional Learners develop intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

Mrs. Calandra Best
EC Coordinator

Project Child Find
Child Find Posters and Brochures are mailed annually to LEA School Systems and Central Offices, Charter Schools, State-Operated Programs, and Non-Public Schools in our effort to locate and serve children with special needs. Please join the effort by getting the information out to your local communities!

Best Practices for Discipline
A behavioral intervention plan (BIP) is designed for a specific child to try to help that child learn to change her or his behavior. Once the function of a student's behavior has been determined, the Individual Education Program (IEP) Team should develop the behavior intervention plan. A behavioral intervention plan can be thought of as a plan to support the student in order to help him or her change behavior. Effective support plans consist of multiple interventions or support strategies and are not punishment. Positive behavioral intervention plans increase the acquisition and use of new alternative skills, decrease the problem behavior and facilitate general improvements in the quality of life of the individual, his or her family, and members of the support team.

LINK to NC DPI EC Resources

Parent Rights & Responsibilities in Special Education
It is important that you understand the Procedural Safeguards (legal rights) provided for you and your child with a disability. In this document, you will find a new section in more user-friendly language that summarizes the rights and responsibilities of parents in the special education process. Acronyms and terms often used in special education and resources for parents are found in the appendices.

Parent Resources
The following agencies, organizations, businesses and other informative resources are involved in the delivery of services and support to students with disabilities.

EC Parent Resources

Exceptional Children's Assistance enter (ECAC)
This is a training and information center that provides free information and assistance with educational issues to parents of children with disabilities. They offer a lending library, newsletter, and a Parent Info Line answered by parents. Telephone toll free 800.962.6817 or 704.892.1321.