Community Relations Organization Flyer


WPA Operating Committee Organization

​The WPA Operating Committee Organization (OCO) functions as the day-to-day collaborative body between the WPA Board, the WPA Leadership Team, and WPA Parents/Guardians. The WPA OCO will collegially and constructively support the WPA Leadership Team. Each OCO Committee may include 2-3 Parents, a WPA Board Member, and WPA Team members (with the exception of the Community Relations Committee - see below).

The WPA OCO will meet for scheduled meetings throughout the school year as scheduled by the respective committee. The tentative schedules are as follows:

  • Business Committee: 2 Times Per Year
  • Academic Committee: 3 Times Per Year
  • Community Relations Committee: Monthly
  • Student Services Committee: 2 Times Per Year

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Community Relations Committee

The CRC traditionally meets monthly at WPA. This committee supports school initiatives including; Fall Festival, Spirit Week(s), Spring Festival, and Fundraising. The committee is also available to support and volunteer at the School as requested by the Leadership Team. This could include helping with marketing, office/classroom organization, bulletin boards, event photography, welcome desk, lunch coverage, and recess support.

Interested in supporting initiatives at Wayne Preparatory Academy? Contact Mrs. Amanda Wells at ​ Below are all the committees that fall under the Operating Committee Organization.

Business Committee

  • General School Policies
  • General Operating Plan
  • Budget and Finance
  • General Policies Personnel
  • Audit and Evaluation

Academic Committee

  • Academic Policies
  • Academic Operating Plan
  • Curriculum Library
  • Student Development
  • Evaluation and Innovation
  • Teacher Development
  • Evaluation

Community Relations Committee

  • School Marketing
  • Student Recruitment
  • Community Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Application & Enrollment Process
  • School Programs
  • Fundraising

Student Services Committee

  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Development and Maintenance
  • Technology
  • Food Services
  • Transportation