Notice to WPA Parents, Scholars, and Staff re Threat


While federal law limits the information Board and Staff can provide
regarding individual student disciplinary matters, Board Counsel has
authorized this notification:
A High School student was recently reported to have made a threat to carry
out a school shooting. The student was immediately short term suspended.
After some investigation, the student and the student’s parents were
notified that long term suspension was recommended. Per policy and
statute, they appealed to the Executive Director. The Executive Director
initially concluded that a procedural flaw precluded upholding the long term
suspension, and informed the student and the parents that the appeal
would be granted; the student returned to school but no written final
decision has been issued. Upon consultation with Board Counsel, the
Board has advised the Executive Director to prohibit the student from
returning to campus pending a resumption of the appeal hearing and a
determination of the appeal on the merits.
Scott Mackey, Board Chair.

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We believe that all children will learn if we teach them carefully. Careful instruction includes at its core teaching children at their instructional level. We believe that learning is a function of instruction, not a function of the learner. We are committed to a culture of leadership that includes cooperative discipline, positive behavior supports, and an environment of earned consequences. We are designed to use data to drive our decisions in finance, operation, and academics. We are driven to focus on the needs of our scholars, rather than be distracted by the needs of adults.

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