Dress Code

WPA scholars should be neat and clean in appearance. This is a reflection of our culture of leadership
and is an indication that scholars understand and adhere to Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. WPA
believes that the manner by which scholars dress has the potential to avoid unnecessary distractions in the
academic environment and reflect a positive attitude in academic and societal pursuits. WPA has a set of
general standards that all scholars will adhere to. While on campus or at school events WPA scholars will
1. Wear clothing that is dirty, ripped, torn, bleach spotted, or see-through
2. Have undergarments visible at any time.
3. Wear clothing that is not size appropriate (excessively large or baggy or unduly tight/form fitting)
4. Wear clothing that promotes gang affiliation, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, the use of controlled
substances, depicts violence, has obscene designs or language, or is of a sexual or disruptive nature.
5. Have jewelry affixed to his/her tongue, lips, cheek, or eyebrow.
6. Wear shorts, skirts,dresses, or other clothing more than three inches above the top of the knee,
including when leggings or tights are worn.

Specific standards of dress at WPA and school events include:

● Collared button-down shirts and polo style shirts are required and must be buttoned within 2 buttons
to the top
● Crew-neck t-shirts are not allowed (WPA T-shirts on Friday)
● All tops must have long, short, or cap sleeves – sleeveless knit style shirts may be worn if they cover
the shoulder [sport type tank tops are not permitted]
● Shirts cannot be see-through, backless, side-less, or worn off the shoulder● Shirts, though recommended to be tucked in, can be untucked as long as the shirt does not extend
below the lower hip.
● When scholar’s arms are raised overhead, the shirt must cover both the front and rear of the pant or
skirt waistband
● Abdomen, chest, and back must be covered at all times
● Scholars may wear WPA T-shirts on Friday
● Any display of cleavage is unacceptable


➢ Slacks, shorts, capri pants, jeans skirts, jeans, skorts, jumpers or polo style dresses in any solid color
are required (cargo style shorts/slacks are acceptable). All clothing must adhere to the General
➢ Back pockets must be at hip level
➢ Pants should not drag on the floor
➢ Leggings may be worn as long the top/tunic meets the fingertip rule and must be solid in color

➢ Not Permitted:

○ Wind pants, sweat pants, or sport style or basketball style shorts are not to be worn as
regular school attire (Exceptions allowed for Middle/High school during Physical Education or
Special Events)
○ Leather pants or tight knit pants
○ Pajamas
○ Ripped Jeans

Skirts, Dress hems, and Shorts:

● Skirts and dress hems should reach the top of the knees
● Shorts should be no higher than three inches above the knee
● Leggings or tights may only be worn under skirts in alignment with the skirt rule
● Leggings are not to be worn as pants
● No fishnet/mesh material


● Most shoes are acceptable as long as they are regular streetwear with no more than 1 ½ inch heels
● Open-toed sandals or dress boots are acceptable
● Shoes must be properly buckled or tied where applicable
● Appropriate shoes are required for Physical Education and recess
● Crocs are permitted

Not Permitted:

● Flip-flops (shower shoes), cleats, or shoes with built-in rollers
● Bedroom slippers
Picture Day: Scholars may wear other appropriate attire as long as such attire meets all general dress
code requirements.

Coats and hats:

● No hats, headgear of any type, hoods (hats, hoods, kerchiefs, curlers,sweatbands, etc.) or
sunglasses are to be worn inside the building;
● Hoodies are acceptable, but the hood may not be worn in the building.
● Sweaters and vests are acceptable.
● Hair is to be neat and well groomed
● No rollers, combs, or picks to be worn in a scholar’s hair

Piercing, Jewelry, and Tattoos:

● Body piercing must be limited to the earlobes with no more than 2 sets of earrings
● No spiked collars are to be worn.
● No tattoos are to be visible

If the scholar's dress is such that it constitutes a threat to health or safety or otherwise creates a disruption in
the school environment in the considered discretion of the Executive Director, the Executive Director or
designee may require the scholar and the scholar's parents or guardians to take appropriate action to remedy the situation. If repeat violations occur, the scholar and scholar’s parents will be called before the Board.
Remember in choosing dress, as well as in behavior, there is prudence in following this one rule: Don’t do
anything that would embarrass you, your family, your value system, or your school.